Stage Deck

Stage Deck

With our Aluminum decks, we can create a stage of unlimited size and height.

Composed of aluminum frames and textured top, our platforms are as strong, safe and sturdy as any in the industry.

Add any of our staging accessories to complete the needs of your event: stairs, handrails, guard rails, handicap ramps and skirting.

We have stage decks that are 4′ x 4′ & 4′ x 8′, so we can make any size floor in multiples of 4 and 4.


Upstages StageLine 320 has Video Wall Supports.


Upstages StageLine 250 is popular for State Fair’s and Medium Sized Concerts.


Upstages Stageline 100 carries the most bang for your buck while being rider-friendly.

Upstages StageLine 75 is budget friendly with as little as a 1 hour to setup.


Upstage carries an inventory of 8′ x 4′ and  4′ x 4′ stage decks to build whatever configuration of stage needed.
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