ETC Certified Technicians

Are you looking for certified professionals to handle all your ETC needs? You’ve come to the right place. The team at Upstage Crew Services, Inc. features ETC certified technicians capable of handling any major install or programing needs you may have.

Short for “Electronic Theater Controls,” ETC is a vital area for those putting on a variety of event types. These are not areas to be left to amateurs – they feature rigging systems, power controls and numerous other cutting-edge systems that will bring production value and precision to your event. Our certified ETC crews carry expertise in a variety of ETC equipment pieces, assisting you with everything from basic setup and tear-down to component operation and safety precautions.

Our ETC Expertise


We provide services and expertise in each of the following ETC-related areas:

  • Rigging systems: We provide a wide variety of hoists and controls based on your space and budget present, allowing for everything from curtains or lighting equipment to projector screens if needed.
  • Lighting fixtures: We are experts on a variety of potential lighting options, from wash lights and profile fixtures to automated or track lighting. We use a variety of lighting arrays and can blend your lighting in with any desired aesthetic.
  • Entertainment consoles: We also offer services in several entertainment control console areas, including Eos, ColorSource, CusSystem for automated light control.
  • Architectural systems: We offer installations and maintenance for various room lighting and power controls, including wireless options.
  • Power controls: Whether you require expertise in emergency lighting, racks or panels, power distribution, or any related area, we’re on top of it for you.
  • Power distribution: We also offer power distribution for raceways and tracks, plus remote plug-in station capability.
  • Network services: We’ll assist you with a reliable, streamlined Ethernet-based networking for several entertainment system areas, from lighting to many other areas.


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